About Us


AO aligns the C1 Atlas bone at the base of the skull using a non-force percussion instrument designed by Dr. Roy Sweat. It is a table mounted instrument that  uses a 6 pound solenoid to directionally move the Atlas bone into position.  The direction is derived from specific x-rays of the neck. Even though it uses a 6 pound solenoid there is no thrust. Therefore the treatment is transmission of a vibration to the bone resulting in its movement. This means the treatment Is so light and gentle, it is virtually undetectable by the patient.  The treatment is safe, gentle and effective.


Established in 2011.

Although the clinic was founded in 2011, the history of treating the atlas goes back to the early 1900s. Dr. B.J. Palmer, the developer of chiropractic, spent many years of clinical research in discovering that it was the “Atlas” that controlled the position of the head and the resulting position of the rest of the spine. Dr. B.J. Palmer taught to correct the atlas position with a hand adjustment on  a spring loaded headpiece that used 40 pounds of force. Dr. Sweat and Dr. John F. Grostic were taught by Dr. B.J Palmer.  Dr. Grostic found that much less force was actually necessary to correct the atlas into position. Dr. Sweat in his further research discovered that even Less force was actually needed. Dr. Sweat along with the late Dr. Fred M Vogel, invented and engineered a highly advanced instrument that  is able to accurately re-position the atlas vertebra without pain or force. The procedure is non-invasive and gentle.The results are more often than not  immediate and dramatic.